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Viettel owns a world-class porfolio of International Voice & SMS partnership solutions and ability to reach every destinations worldwide


Viettel helps to drag all boundaries closer to your customers wherever they are by strong connectivity and stable quality of our world hubbing system.


Viettel offers the effective and intergrated solution for international data transmittion with latest and most secured technology


Viettel aims to bring simplicity in operation and efficiency in cost and revenue to our valued customers.

27-08-2016 | Viettel Headlines

All calls to Viettel's customer care center are now free

From August 2016, when calling to Viettel Customer care center, both on-net and off-net subscribers are not required to...

17-08-2016 | Viettel Headlines

5 Factors contributing to the success of Viettel's Roaming service

With the desire to take care of customers in the best way, Viettel provides a series of features, utilities to give cust...

11-08-2016 | Viettel Headlines

Vietnam to save $14 billion annually with Viettel's Solution

Recently, The Ministry of Defence's Command of Border Guard officially launched its one-stop portal to link with the Vie...

24-08-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

AAG submarine cable fixed, Internet in Vietnam back to normal

According to the latest information from local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet connection in Vietnam has res...

20-08-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

Time to implement 4G LTE network in Vietnam: experts

It is time for Vietnam to implement the 4G LTE network to meet customers' rising demand for high-speed data services, ac...

16-08-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

VN online advertising needs more attention: Experts

Online marketing in Viet Nam is entering a period of rapid development, but this development continues to face obstacles...

26-08-2016 | Global Updates

Developers should make the most of in-app messages – Localytics

In-app messages are a great communication tool for engaging users who are already using an app, says a study by Localyti...

25-08-2016 | Global Updates

23 global operators back worldwide wifi roaming plans

23 global operators have joined forces to work on providing free international public wifi roaming in cities around the...

23-08-2016 | Global Updates

Why global IoT revenue is set to hit $3 trillion by 2025

Current estimates of the commercial impact from the Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunity are already being rated...


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