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Viettel owns a world-class porfolio of International Voice & SMS partnership solutions and ability to reach every destinations worldwide


Viettel helps to drag all boundaries closer to your customers wherever they are by strong connectivity and stable quality of our world hubbing system.


Viettel offers the effective and intergrated solution for international data transmittion with latest and most secured technology


Viettel aims to bring simplicity in operation and efficiency in cost and revenue to our valued customers.

20-10-2016 | Viettel Headlines

Viettel targets $1.5 billion in 2016 international revenue

Nine international markets to earn $1.5 billion in revenue for telco this year.

19-10-2016 | Viettel Headlines

Viettel celebrate 12 years of Mobile service

On October 15th, 2004, Viettel has officially launched our mobile service. As of now, Viettel has become the leader in t...

14-10-2016 | Viettel Headlines

Bitel accounted for 50% mobile internet coverage in Peru

At Peru Telecommunications Forum (Forum Telecom Peru) which was first held in Peru, Bitel was considered a network of fa...

17-10-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

Viettel, VNPT receive 4G licences

Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan on October 14 signed licences granted to the military-run Vi...

12-10-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

VN leads weekly trend of accessing online video

Viet Nam leads the weekly trend of accessing online video, with 92 per cent of respondents saying that they accessed onl...

11-10-2016 | Vietnam Telecom

Network providers urged to up 3G service

The quality of Viet Nam's 3G network service is not low, as was written in recent reports published by global mobile app...

15-10-2016 | Global Updates

Telcos struggle to deliver on the digitalisation dream

Operators promise simplicity and agility, but enterprises are actually becoming less satisfied with their service provid...

13-10-2016 | Global Updates

60 companies apply for MVNO licenses in India

India's Department of Telecom (DoT) has published a list of 60 companies applying for an MVNO license in various cities.

10-10-2016 | Global Updates

Low-interest spectrum auction may still improve data bandwidth, services

Though the latest round of spectrum auction by the Indian government did not attract the fancy of the operators much, it...


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