As one of the world's fastest growing telecom operators, we provide innovative telecom services and solutions, earning customer trust and enriching society.


- The first Enterprise to break the monopoly in Vietnam’s telecom sector.

- The most powerful brand of Vietnam’s ICT industry as voted by consumers.

- The most valuable brand in Vietnam evaluated by Brand Finance
- Among top 30 most valuable telecoms trademarks in 2020 in the world by Brand Finance

- Ranked 355th most valuable brand in the world in 2020 by The Brand Finance Global

- Vietnam’s first telecom enterprise to invest abroad and owns 110,000,000+ customers in 11 countries

We help Vietnam reach every boundary by fast adaptation and trends catching with valuable collaboration, owning the strongest relationship with reliable carriers and technology partners around the world.

Viettel now become the market leader in Vietnam to provide trusted international telecom services from core products (International Voice, International Roaming and Wholesale Data) to the most advanced value-added services for Vietnamese carriers, Viettel's affiliates and also international partners. Beside, with the mission of developing a digital society with solutions for smart cities and Digital transformation solution for enterprises, Government, and organizations in direction of connection, sharing and customer experience, the company currently owns research and development centers which master new technologies of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Big Data, AI, IoT, AR/VR, Cloud, Blockchain, Integration Data, etc.).



Viettel owns a world-class porfolio of International Voice & SMS partnership solutions and ability to reach every destinations worldwide


Viettel helps to drag all boundaries closer to your customers wherever they are by strong connectivity and stable quality of our world hubbing system.


Viettel offers the effective and intergrated solution for international data transmittion with latest and most secured technology


Viettel gives yourself the best chance of reaching target customers, enhancing customer experiences and staying relevant.

For years, we have partnered with global telecom companies and carriers to help deliver best telecommunication service quality to their end-users, identify new opportunities for growth, and strengthen Business Corporation to burst sales results.


  • Caring – Innovator: Pioneering in innovation and creation. Listening to and understanding in order to provide specialised customer care.
  • Each customer is considered an individual: Listening to and understanding each customer’s requirement in order that they can receive  individually tailored service.
  • Business development goes with social responsibilities: The development of society is the foundation for business growth, hence companies should take action to improve and develop the  society in which they operate in.
  • Human resources are the key to development: Each employee should be happy and play a creative role; therefore a good working environment is essential.


* Discipline is a norm

Developing strict discipline, solidarity and acceptance of hardships while being devoted to the work. Performing in a decisive, quick and thorough manner.


* Value innovation

Innovation is new thinking about an old issue. Passive agreement means decline. Doing things differently, respecting and honouring every idea, no matter where it comes from. Building a creative environment that encourages innovation for both customers and employees.

* Change is a norm

Competitive strength is based on rapid adaptability. Considering changes to ensure adaptability is a norm. Thinking and managing continuously to efficiently adjust strategies and operational structures.


* The company is a second family

Every employee has a role to play in developing this family. Respecting co-workers including when involving the smallest of jobs. Do teamwork to promote individual responsibility and engagement. Understand each member as an indispensable part of the organisation.

* System thinking         

Possessing a strategic vision and knowledge to master the organisation’s system. Fully understanding the roots of every issue. Professionalising every work stage to ensure rapid development and sustainability. Simplifying complicated problems.



  • Daily innovation to serve customers as individuals.
  • Together with partners and customers create the best products.
  • Convert our development and growth into contribution to society.
  • Each Viettel’s member lays a brick to build the Viettel Common Home.
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