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LG U+, Huawei validate 4G-5G dual connectivity

23-10-2017 | Global Updates
South Korea's LG U+ has collaborated with Huawei to complete technology verification for 4G-5G dual-connectivity technology.

The field test involved linking a 3.5-GHz base station with a 28-GHz base station to allow terminals to simultaneously connect to both, achieving a peak downlink rate of around 20Gbps.

It involved the use of two base stations at a LG U+ 5G testbed in Seoul. The operator had already verified the technology in a laboratory environment.

LG U+ director of 5G strategy Kim Dae Hee said dual connectivity technology will provide the foundation for 4G-5G heterogeneous networks.

“By demonstrating ‘Dual-Connectivity’ technology, which will play a key role in multi-operation of 4G and 5G wireless base stations, we will develop various next-generation technologies to provide a 5G service.”

LG U+ and Huawei have been collaborating on 5G development since the two companies signed a 5G collaboration agreement in July 2015. Last month, the companies completed the first phase of an urban field test of 5G over the 28-GHz band. 

The companies pledged to continue to carry out 5G technical cooperation and verification activities in advance of the planned commercial deployment of the technology in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.