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Viettel Telecom Corporation concerns about iris recognition technology

19-09-2017 | Viettel Headlines
The iris recognition technology aims to increase the safe, security for login, building entry, attendance counter, criminal identification, etc. with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Following the successful of face recognition system in Viettel Telecom Building and clients such as Military region 7, Military Bank headquarter, The Integration and Product Development Center (Viettel Telecom Corporation) is looking for the most updated technologies in this section from partners around the world.

Recently, they have approached the iris recognition of IRIENCE, a Korea company. This technology has been highly appreciated by Deputy President of Viettel Group Hoang Son, and give the direction to continue the research, assessment and start the trial phase soon.

IRIENCE is a technology company specialize in the iris recognition section for over 15 years. This technology use the algorithm to recognize person iris which has been trialed in National Institute of Standards and Technology United States of America, based on the proprietary technology and integrated to result in the highest efficient and price competitive to serve clients.

In Korea, IRIENCE is an outstanding company in iris recognition section for applications on Window, Linux and Android platforms.

Human Iris is a constant part of a person even if you become older. Iris recognition technology is highly appreciate, especially in security section and criminal identification. This technology also resolve negative points of other technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition and so on.

Scope – Iris recognition system which is highly appreciated on security and identification.

A software developer of The Integration and Product Development Center (Viettel Telecom Corporation) express with Viettel Family that: “At this moment, demand on identification and information security is high, therefore, researching to obtain this type of technology is appropriate and it will open new directions for product range of Viettel which helps Viettel to lead on sectors related to security by iris recognition or biometrics recognition”.

The challenges for Viettel developer at this moment is that the application of IRENCE solely has Korean version instead of other language such as English and Vietnamese. Therefore, for service development in Vietnam, developers of The Integration and Product Development Center (Viettel Telecom Corporation) has to spend much more time for the adaptation into Vietnam market or look for other products.