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HGC launches ibizCloud in Vietnam

06-12-2016 | Vietnam Telecom
Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) has launched its ibizCloud cloud infrastructure-as-a-service offering to Vietnam, in collaboration with the market's fourth biggest operator CMC Telecom.

Under the partnership, HGC is providing the cloud design and international network connectivity, while CMC Telecom is providing local connectivity and branding.

The service has been customized to suit the Vietnamese market and to satisfy growing bandwidth demands from local corporations.

Besides infrastructure-as-a-service, ibizCloud also offers bandwidth-as-a-service and on-demand virtual leased line services, as well as virtualized infrastructure including virtual machines, CPU cores, RAM and storage.

“We are happy to extend ibizCloud service to Vietnam in collaboration with CMC Telecom. This offers a remarkable business opportunity to provide local and international corporate customers with a highly-secure global cloud service,” HGC president Andrew Kwok said.

“Creation of a cloud site in Hanoi has further strengthened our position in the Greater Mekong Subregion. It is also another successful example of HGC’s niche market strategy.”

CMC Telecom CEO Ngo Trong Hieua added that the launch marks an extension of the existing collaboration between the company and HGC, which also involves co-operation on international data and voice services.

“We look forward to prosperous co-operation with HGC over coming years, as we seek to satisfy rapidly growing demand in the cloud market and affirm our position as one of Vietnam’s leading telecoms service providers,” he said.