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Roaming Callback service

25-02-2015 | Viettel Headlines
To keep regular contact with family, friends and colleagues while roaming, Viettel has provided Roaming Callback Service

This utility allows Viettel mobile subscribers roaming in countries around the world to connect with Viettel mobile subscibers in Vietnam or subscribers of other mobile networks. You can access to this utility by simply pressing *138* phone number and Call, then you will be supported to connect to the other subscribers.

This features is particularly useful for prepaid customers because in any country, any subscriber can also actively connect calls instead of having to check whether they are supported by Viettel to make a call as before.

In addition, when using this service, any prepaid or postpaid customers can save up to 72% because they only have to pay for receiving the calls and service costs compared to that of making a call as usual.

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