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27-05-2022 | Viettel Headlines
The online public auction software developed by a team of engineers from Viettel Solutions is the solution that won the Sao Khue Award in the field of Digital Government. Before that, public auction was a unique field that had never been held online.

Currently, the demand for public property auction in provinces and cities across the country has become significantly high. According to the data on the website of the Vietnam Ministry of Justice, in 2020, there were more than 40.000 public auction notices issued, and in 2021, there were over 60.000 notices.

However, the work of direct public auction has been facing a number of shortcomings in both the organization and the asset auction. With the strong development of information technology (IT), people’s need for online auctions has arisen gradually. No longer being limited by space and time, as long as they have computers or smart devices connected to the Internet, people can register for not only one but many auctions at the same time. This is expected to create a public and transparent buying and selling market while ensuring the confidentiality of customers' information. Stemming from that context, Viettel Business Solutions Corporation (Viettel Solutions) - a member of Viettel Group has promoted the development and improvement of the Online Public Auction software.

People can access the application to conduct online auctions

To implement the project, Viettel Solutions has established a team of 10 people, who are young engineers, aged 25-30 to urgently implement. “Mostly we spent a lot of time sketching out ideas. Deploying and testing the software only took us about 4 months”, shared Mr. Le Anh Hieu – chief engineer of the project.

As expected, when putting into use, this software will bring many benefits to local people, users (online auction participants) and Auction organizing unit (Property Auction Service Centers of the cities/ provinces).

According to the Chief Engineer of the project, this is a web-based service for PC systems and a dedicated application (app) for mobile phones. The system simulates a real auction with all the familiar steps and processes.

Through this form, provincial/city authorities will find it convenient to observe and monitor all online and intuitive activities, to manage, and to monitor the progress and quality of the auctions, and also the success/failure rates in each auction.

For participants, the System is designed to be simple for everyone to use, time-saving in registration, auction participation, and payment steps. Vietnamese people can participate in the auction via their computers or smartphones without physically attending the auction. If the participant does not win the auction, his/ her deposit will be promptly refunded in accordance with the law.

In particular, the software supports officers in charge of declaring auctioned assets at the Asset Auction Center; integrates many utilities to reduce the workload of specialists, which makes the auction work more efficient and economical.

With auctions having a big number of entrants, payment approval requirements also increase. Apparently, with manual approval procedures, participants will spend a long time waiting, and they even face a risk of not participating before the auction time. Meanwhile, thanks to the Online Public Auction Software, the payment of registration fees is approved automatically, which is much more convenient than the method before.

The solution to reducing the workload of approving payment requests of accountants is a system that integrated Viettel Money's online payment service, which enables users to pay through various methods such as bank cards/ credit cards/ QR codes/ E-wallet, etc.

Besides, with the form of payment by bank transfer, the system will follow the transaction syntax and approve automatically. This solution helps to optimize the payment request approval process without any congestion even when there are a number of bidders.

In addition, the system also has the difference of processing transactions in real-time, which allows auction participants to update the progress of the session immediately. Moreover, the software is optimized for good performance and the ability to meet several users’ needs with low infrastructure investment costs.

The solution was honored to win the 2022 Sao Khue Award in the field of Digital Government

After the product was completed and it won the 2022 Sao Khue Award in the field of Digital Government, the project's chief engineer – Mr. Le Anh Hieu shared: “To put solutions such as online public auctions into practice, leaders at the highest levels in localities must be ones having new thought and determination to make big changes in the digital transformation, then all difficulties will be solved. Engineering or technology is probably not a big issue in implementing digital solutions in the public sector, but rather the determination of the heads of the organization.

Before Viettel Solutions developed this product, there were about 4-5 similar online auction platforms created in Vietnam. However, they are all products intended for private property auctions. Viettel Solutions is the first unit to develop Public Auction software aiming to serve the Government's digital transformation purposes.