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13-05-2022 | Viettel Headlines
Both sides collaborate on the development of next-generation 5G infrastructure solutions using today's most advanced technology.

Viettel Group and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. recently announced a collaboration on the development of next-generation 5G infrastructure solutions using today's most advanced technology.

Representative of Viettel High Technology shook hands with Mr. Durga Malladi - Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobility and Infrastructure at Qualcomm Technologies

Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (VHT), a member of Viettel Group, will use the solution of Qualcomm X100 and Massive MIMO platform Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN in combination with the existing hardware and software platform Viettel must accelerate the completion of 5G Massive MIMO infrastructure that is compatible with open standards (Open RAN), simplifying network deployment and reducing infrastructure investment costs.

Viettel is one of four global partners selected by Qualcomm to participate in the development and application of the new 5G chipset. The combination of Viettel's experience in the field of telecommunications infrastructure equipment research with Qualcomm's preeminent capabilities in dedicated 5G processors (5G ASIC) will contribute to promoting the development of a mobile ecosystem to take the step further and create a new cycle of creativity.

Viettel is one of four global partners involved in the development and application of Qualcomm's new 5G chipset

According to Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha - General Director of VHT, Viettel always plays the first role in the development of new telecommunication technology, including 5G. In this show, Viettel has mastered the most important elements in the structured telecommunications network system from the end of the device layer, layer access, layer transmission, and core layer, ...

Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha said, "The collaboration of Viettel and Qualcomm in this project will be an important milestone in the national strategy for the development of 5G infrastructure made in Vietnam".

In Vietnam, Viettel has built a 4G broadband mobile communication network infrastructure that covers 97% of Vietnam's population and is at the same time pioneering in providing 5G services as the earliest. Along with advanced countries in the world, Viettel's 5G wave is present in 18 provinces and cities nationwide with more than 150 transmitters.