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12-05-2022 | Viettel Headlines
Watching football for free, experiencing the advantages of new technology at Sea Games 31, and live broadcast on 5G waves are meaningful companion activities that Viettel brings to sports fans at the biggest sport in Southeast Asia is taking place in Vietnam.

As one of the sponsors accompanying the SEA Games, Viettel's TV360 service allows fans to watch all football matches of SEA Games 31 for free (no data fee). With this policy, fans can watch football anytime, anywhere without having to watch it on TV.

In addition, the TV360 service also organizes a series of events that broadcast free of charge matches of the Vietnamese team (May 6, 8, 13, 15, Semifinals, and Finals) on large LED screens at Hung Vuong Square - Phu Tho. This activity helps fans who do not have the opportunity to go to the field to watch live football matches to still be immersed in the vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere to cheer for the home team. This activity helps fans who do not have the opportunity to go to the field to watch live football matches to still be immersed in the vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere to cheer for the home team.

Thousands of people gathered at Hung Vuong Square - Phu Tho to watch live football on large LED screens organized by TV360.

Viettel brings to the SEA Games the best conditions to ensure service quality. 5G stations all use antenna technology 64T64R (64 receive, 64 transmit), which is the most modern 5G antenna technology in the world today. At the same time, Viettel's 5G network is deployed on the 2600MHz band, which is the best 5G quality band in Vietnam.

In addition, Viettel Networks engineers have configured parameters to upgrade the uplink speed to 1.5 times, which means that the speed of direct signal transmission is similarly increased. Through actual testing and experimental coordination between VTV and Viettel, the uplink speed was recorded to 200Mbps, nearly 2.5 times the request from Vietnam Television. Along with that, Viettel's 5G download speed reached more than 700Mbps.

Viettel has prepared huge 5G resources, not only for live broadcast but also ready to meet mobile users. All customers with 5G phones when arriving in a 5G area of Viettel will automatically receive a message instructing how to use the service. In particular, the entire 5G network for mobile users as well as serving live TV will be provided by Viettel completely free of charge.

Engineer Viettel Networks tested the quality of the 5G network many times before the opening day of the tournament.

Previously, to ensure network quality at 37 competition venues at SEA Games 31, Viettel has deployed more than 350 solutions to enhance 2G, 3G, and 4G resources, including adding small cell towers and transmitters. Mobile waves combine to supplement resources at available station locations. In particular, this year, Viettel focused on promoting the installation of small broadcasting stations at festival and event locations with the largest number ever. This solution will help optimize coverage, reduce interference and significantly increase capacity for users.

At the same time, Viettel uses a series of automation tools to monitor two layers of network quality in real-time, automatically warn, and perform load balancing in high-load areas. As a result, network congestion is handled many times faster than humans. In particular, the quality of service is monitored in a 5-second frame so that problems can be quickly detected and automatically offered a solution.

In terms of television, in order to help people have the smoothest experience while watching SEA Game 31, Viettel has upgraded the capacity of the content transmission system by 25%. Thereby, the resource is made available 1.5 times the expected demand. Hundreds of scenarios and information rescue plans have been developed and rehearsed by Viettel engineers, ready to be deployed when necessary.