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Viettel Global appoints new CEO

15-08-2018 | Viettel Headlines
Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group has appointed Do Manh Hung as general director of Viettel Global – the international investment arm of Viettel.

Major General Le Dang Dzung appoints Do Manh Hung as general director of Viettel Global. 

Hung will replace Major General Le Dang Dzung who was recently appointed Viettel’s acting chairman and general director.

Hung joined Viettel in 2000. He has held different positions, from technical staff, head of the marketing planning department to deputy general director of Viettel Networks, deputy general director of Viettel Telecom and deputy general director of Viettel Global.

He has directly participated in management at Viettel’s subsidiaries in overseas markets, including as deputy general director of Viettel Cameroon and general director of Viettel Tanzania.

Viettel Tanzania with Halotel reached two million subscribers after only 9 months of official operation in the market in October 2015 under his management. This was the fastest growth rate among Viettel’s markets at that time.

Halotel received two awards, namely the business with the fastest growth of the year and telecom firm of the year, given by Purple Cow Media Limited.

He also directly managed the building of networks at Viettel Burundi and Viettel Tanzania.

Viettel’s general director and acting chairman Le Dang Dzung said Viettel Global has a focus on capital, financial resources and human resource management.

“Viettel Global has an extremely important position in the group as overseas investment has been one of the key pillars for Viettel’s development. This has been a sector which is given encouragement from the Government for development”.

Viettel Global has operated 10 overseas markets for Viettel. Eight out of the 10 markets reported profit by the end of June 2018 including Peru, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Burundi, East Timor, Mozambique and Cameroon. Of which, three markets of Laos, Cambodia and East Timor took the leading positions in their markets in term of telecom network.

Last year, Tanzania reached revenue growth of 35 per cent. Mytel – a Viettel brand name in Myanmar, broke the record as it surpassed 2 million subscribers after only a month of operations – the highest growth rate so far among all Viettel’s overseas markets.

Viettel Global targets to expand its operations to 400-500 million customers and become one of the top 10 global telecom companies by 2020. — VNS