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Viettel International Business held a jubilant banquet for international partners

20-09-2018 | Viettel Headlines
On 14/09/2018, an "Appreciation Night" banquet hosted by the Viettel International International Business to delight international partners and customers has left good impression on the hearts of the attendance.

The "Appreciation Night" party was held at Lotte Hotel Hanoi with warmly yet elegant and luxurious atmosphere. The party’s slogan was “Every great business is built on friendships” and this was the chance to express Viettel’s most sincere gratitude toward continuous support and great cooperation from Viette’s partners.

Speaking at the banquet, Mr. Doan Dai Phong – Chief Wholesale and International Business said: “Viettel is nowadays the top No.1 telco in Vietnam and has a strong position in the the world's telecommunications and information technology field. We have achieved such success thanks to your contribution, support and cooperation, who are not just only our partners but also our friends.”

In preparation for the reception of nearly 100 guests from many countries around the world, the organizers prepared a light cocktail reception in the hall with melodious music of the orchestra. Viettel and partners have had a good time greeting, meeting, exchanging information and saving memories. The party started at 19h00 with the artwork of glitter and special dishes, won much praise of the partners to attend. The banquet was a great success, a mark of cooperation and friendship between Viettel and its partners in the region as well as the world.

Enjoy the best pictures of the party:

The guests appreciated the attentive reception of the representatives of Viettel

The space is cozy and luxurious

Doan Dai Phong - Chief Wholesale and International Business representing Viettel hosted the party

Guests enjoy unique performances

On behalf of Viettel, Mr.Phong sent the most sincere thanks to partners and customers.

The atmosphere was filled with joy

Guests are invited to participate in exciting games

Everyone enjoy the most attractive performances of art

Lucky Draw is the most anticipated, special prize belonged to representative of China Telecom partner

Partners expressed their love for Viettel and hope cooperation will be more and more durable.

Representatives of Viettel and their partners save memorable moments