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Viettel partners with Digital Virgo to boost its DCB ecosystem

28-05-2020 | Viettel Headlines
Viettel Group, the largest telecommunication Group in Vietnam, has signed a global partnership with Digital Virgo to reinforce its Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) within its 11 international subsidiaries and roll out across emerging markets.

Proven expertise for sustainable growth

Digital Virgo’s expertise in the Telecom Payment ecosystem has made the company the best partner for supporting the major Asian Group in the management of its Direct Carrier Billing activities within its 11 international subsidiaries.

By cooperating with Digital Virgo, Viettel puts its customers in the center of its decisions and goes one step further on the consolidation of a sustainable and efficient profitability.

The interconnection between Viettel DCB Platform and DV Pass of Digital Virgo will optimize the connection process with merchants while regulating and securing the transactions. A secure environment for large merchants, supported by real-time, machine-learning optimized data, is a salient feature of this global DCB platform.

A Direct Monetization Link for Digital Merchants and Telecom Operators

The collaboration between Viettel and Digital Virgo provides a means for carriers to change their approach to customers. It gives users complete autonomy in digital payment instead of having to integrate multiple payment methods to buy a product or Digital Service.

In addition to the huge and growing digital service repository provided by Digital Virgo, Viettel also gives other merchants the opportunity to make direct links to more than 110 million Viettel customers worldwide.

The global DCB platform operated by Viettel and Digital Virgo prides itself on being able to provide merchants and operators with an easy integration through a single API, ensuring a safe traffic thanks to its proven anti-fraud tools and transactional management system.

Mr. Doan Dai Phong, Deputy General Director at Viettel Business Solutions:

"By collaborating with Digital Virgo, Viettel is diversifying the source of digital service to customers of Viettel Network and all its member networks around the world. With the foundation of a telecom operator that has a phenomenal growth rate, Viettel has had a great transformation to open up a diverse and comprehensive digital ecosystem that goes into all aspects of life, economy and society. In particular, promoting the trend of convenient payment without using cash or integrating multiple complex payment methods is one of the top priority goals of Viettel."

Guillaume Briche, CEO at Digital Virgo:

"This new partnership is an important step for Digital Virgo to strengthen our position as a key player in the field of Telecom Payment in Asia and around the world. We are very honored to partner with Viettel  and we will make this collaboration a great success."

Frederico Rosato, Pre-Sales and Marketing Director at Digital Virgo:

"The collaboration with a major company like Viettel  is a great achievement. It gives us the opportunity to expand our international footprint in Asia while helping us to consolidate our global position as an expert in DCB market."

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing allows subscribers to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile monthly bill, while offering merchants and mobile network operators a whole host of opportunities within the Payment Industry. The service has become increasingly popular among consumers completing transactions globally because of its simplicity, security and accessibility.

More about Digital Virgo

Digital Virgo is an international BtoB Group that operates in the payment and monetization markets through telecom operators’ billing solutions. Positioned at the heart of an ecosystem made up with operators, merchants (content producers, media, ticketing professionals) and digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.), its role consists in interconnecting these players to meet their main challenges: optimizing payments, monetizing content, services and audiences and ensuring their performance through mobile marketing campaigns. The Group's success is based on its mobile DNA, its mastery of the telecom environment and its ability to anticipate developments linked to the digital marketing sector. Digital Virgo's expertise is rolled out in more than 40 countries throughout more than 25 offices, driven by local teams, focused on the countries’ issues, uses and cultures in which they operate. The Group deals with 120 telecom operators and over 200 merchants. In 2019, it generated a revenue of €270 million. For more information: