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22-08-2022 | Viettel Headlines
"The mission of Telemor (Viettel Timor) now is to create the digital generation, which means to raise technology awareness in Timor. This is the foundation for creating a digital society that Viettel Group always aims at," shared Mr. Tran Van Bang - General Director of Telemor.

From the first step to the young nation of Timor Leste until completing the "popularization" of telecommunications charges and laying the foundations for the development of technology services, Telemor - a brand of Viettel Group in here - has marked the 10th year anniversary.

Currently, not only does Timor need to improve its technology and infrastructure, but the quality of human resources, as well as people's awareness of technology also needs  promoting.

Hence, creating the digital generation mentioned is about people, which means Telemor sets the task to change the perception of technology in Timor from students, employees, and government agencies to Timor people. This can done through digitization, communication, service experience, companionship with government programs, as well as digitizing Telemor's interaction with customers.

The creation of the digital generation is the foundation of the creation of a digital society that Viettel Group has always aim at.

Having been in Timor for 10 years, Telemor is proud to have contributed to changing the telecommunications industry in Timor. Telemor has made the price of telecommunications, which was considered a luxury good, become popular and universal for everyone to use.

After 10 years of Viettel's presence in Timor, the price of telecommunications service has been reduced so that people can easily access them. The population using telephone has increased from 55% to 113% of the total population, which especially helps people in poor and backward remote areas can also use telecommunications services.

In addition, Telemor also contributes to promoting telecommunications technology and IT services in Timor. We are always the pioneer to bring the best service to everyone, from 2G technology to 3G, 4G, and now 4G +. The 5G story has also been targeted by the Group for Telemor to the end of 2025.

Not only that, Telemor is proud of contributing to the international image of Timor in the field of technology because Telemor is the leading company in Timor to participate in and have won prestigious international awards. Thanks to them, international friends have known more about a young country like Timor on the technology map.