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20-10-2022 | Viettel Headlines
Viettel Solutions Corporation (VTS) and Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) signed a cooperation agreement to implement total digital transformation activities for the electricity industry in the South.

On October 20, 2022, EVNSPC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with VTS.

Representatives of VTS and EVNSPC signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the application of comprehensive digital transformation solutions for the Southern Vietnam power industry.

The signing ceremony marked an important development step, once again affirming the determination to promote the application of comprehensive digital transformation solutions for the Southern Vietnam electricity industry.

Accordingly, Viettel will consult, evaluate architecture, and build digital transformation solutions in the following areas: provide customer service; digital infrastructure and technology application in system operation and in big data mining; build an information security system and improve digital skills for EVNSPC.

Recently, Viettel and EVNSPC have implemented many key projects to improve business efficiency and customer service (Data Mining Platform, Recloser.One, Ami.One, Bulk SMS...).

Taking advantage of the available advantages of each unit, in the coming time, Viettel will promote the application of the most modern and new technologies such as solutions to deploy data infrastructure models and cloud computing with An appropriate security and safety mechanism helps EVNSPC quickly deploy systems, solutions and optimize costs, and share experiences in converting from traditional physical data infrastructure to a cloud computing platform. rattan suitable for EVN SPC.

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc (standing) - General Director of EVNSPC - speaking at the signing ceremony

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc - General Director of EVNSPC - said that EVNSPC has basically completed the digital transformation by the end of 2022 and strives to become a digital enterprise by 2025, in the direction of activities. of EVNSPC are digitized, activities that have not been automated into automatic and apply digital technology to improve production and business efficiency and service quality, labor productivity, and management capacity.

Currently, EVNSPC has completed over 97% of the implementation volume in 5 areas. Connecting with national systems EVNSPC has completed the technical connection to integrate authentication and citizen information sharing services by CCCD/ID number with the national population database through the National public service portal. Complete the establishment of information technology infrastructure to connect to the national database on population.

The strategic cooperation of EVNSPC with VTS contributes to improving the business efficiency and customer service of the Southern electricity industry.

Simultaneously connecting with the General Department of Taxation and over 28 banks/payment organizations to deploy e-invoice and non-cash payment services to help customers conveniently connect with the electricity industry and participate in the process of promoting the development of a digital society according to the National Digital Transformation Strategy.

Connect the internal electronic document system axis with the document interlinking axis of the State Capital Management Committee and prepare the infrastructure to connect with the People's Committees of the southern provinces and cities as planned.

Mr. Doan Dai Phong - Deputy General Director of VTS - affirmed the signing of the cooperation agreement with EVNSPC in the period of 2022-2027 in 5 important areas in order to coordinate and support EVNSPC to become a digital enterprise by 2025.