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Viettel Solutions is the first enterprise in Vietnam to win the Real IT Awards 2021

01-08-2021 | Viettel Headlines
On May 14, 2021, the Real IT Awards 2021 (RITA 2021) named Viettel Solutions in the category of "Provider of the year" with an effort to deploy telemedicine consulting and treatment solutions (Telehealth).

Up to now, Viettel Solutions is the first and only unit in Vietnam to be honored at this award. What makes Viettel Solutions successful at RITA 2021 is the process of Viettel deploying Telehealth solutions in Vietnam. From mid-2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic was complicated across the country, Viettel Solutions overcame difficult conditions, coordinated with health authorities to complete the system connection to more than 1,000 health facilities, 30 central hospitals, in just 45 days, 15 days ahead of the target.
The award in the category "Supplier of the Year" sets strict requirements on the effectiveness of the solutions and services provided, including: cost-effectiveness, quality, reputation and customer care.
Telehealth has created miracles in the medical industry such as the first time doctors at Hanoi Heart Hospital can conduct online heart surgery via Telehealth from a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Telehealth is not only meaningful in medical examination and treatment, but also actively contributes to the disease prevention process in Vietnam; supporting hospitals to consult with severe Covid-19 cases.
Or as the director of Viet Duc Hospital affirmed: “Telehealth provides a platform to create a flat world in healthcare. From the district health center, the commune can also go to this system to consult experts at the central level. Thus, we have erased the geographical distance, erased the hierarchy of this line and that, all on one plane.”
Up to now, Viettel has completed connecting more than 1,500 telemedicine facilities, aiming to deploy at 14,000 medical facilities across the country.
This award of Viettel Solutions was honored next to the world's leading enterprises such as Tata, Pepsi, Centrica Plc, Virgin Atlantic ... affirming the world's recognition for information technology solutions make in Vietnam.
In addition to Telehealth, Viettel Solutions has built a healthcare digital transformation ecosystem with over 20 systems, a solution ecosystem for the education industry, smart cities, e-government and smart businesses, etc. goal of creating a digital society.


The Real IT Awards is an international award organized annually by the UK's leading Collaboration Innovation Technology Forum (CITF), bringing together more than 4,500 professionals from 26 industries around the world. This award was held for the first time since 2004, with nominations evaluated by 18 leading information technology experts at: University of Oxford, British Council, PepsiCo, News Corp,... Entire process The evaluation process strictly adheres to the principles and highest standards of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and transparency. 2021 is the 17th time the awards have been held, due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, the Awards Ceremony is held entirely online.