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Viettel supports technology solutions for 11 countries to prevent COVID-19 disease

22-04-2020 | Viettel Headlines
Warning messages and instructions on COVID-19 prevention are sent from the automated messaging system to nearly 100 million customers. The online health platform is serving hundreds of millions of people to stay updated on health status and disease situation. Free telecommunications services for nearly 30,000 doctors and frontline forces.

With the advantage of being a leading telecommunications-information technology enterprise, Viettel has actively supported the Government and people in Vietnam and 10 countries that Viettel are investing in to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic following the situation of each country. This joint effort is aimed at attempting to connect the world's community to cope with the global epidemic crisis.

Viettel's efforts in the complicated context of Covid-19 epidemic:

- To support the Government, Viettel has implemented a video videoconferencing system for the administration. The system has been deployed in Vietnam, Laos and Burundi, serving the administration of the Government to all localities.

- Automated messaging system: Deployed to nearly 100 million customers, to timely communicate and warn about the disease situation in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, Myanmar, Haiti, Peru and Burundi.

- For the community:  Viettel has implemented an online health platform to help hundreds of millions of people in 11 countries to catch up on news, disease situation, prevention and measures to prevent the spread of diseases. The system has been deployed in 04 countries: Vietnam, Laos, Haiti and Mozambique.

- For nearly 100 million of its customers, in Vietnam, Laos, Peru, Burundi, Viettel is providing free Internet services for online education services. For customers who are using broadband fixed service, the company reducing 30% - 70% of Internet fee, increasing the bandwidth 2-3 times higher. All customers are entitled free money transfer service via e-wallet service and using online learning and working system, …

- For physicians and frontline forces: Viettel is providing free telecommunications services for nearly 30,000 doctors and tens of thousands of people in the frontline forces in Vietnam, Peru and Laos.

- For internal affairs: all companies invested by Viettel maintain production and business activities and at the same time ensure compliance with the anti-epidemic regulations of the Government of the host countries. These companies ensure no manpower cuts and income of workers, ...

These efforts of Viettel are recognized by governments of the countries. Previously, Viettel has always been a reliable partner of many Governments in the implementation of e-Government solutions.