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Viettel to switch 43 million 11-digit mobile numbers to 10-digit ones

18-09-2018 | Viettel Headlines
Mr. Nguyen Viet Dzung, Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom insists that Viettel customers would not have to do anything to switch to 10-digit mobile numbers.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dzung, Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom

Viettel said it had prepared the best conditions for the successful conversion of 43 million 11-digit mobile numbers. According to Viettel Telecom's Deputy General Director – Mr.Nguyen Viet Dzung, even updating new number for subscribers after the switch is also supported by Viettel. He also said: "This transition is an opportunity for Viettel to show the advantages of the network, synchronous system and also the caring of Viettel Telecom for customers.

Viettel has the largest number of subscribers that need to be switch 10-digit mobile numbers. The conversion is not just changing the number of subscribers but Viettel has nearly 1,000 services (value-added services, switchboard, voice ...) must be converted. So this time Viettel also need to switch in the system to ensure the service smoothly.

43 million 11-digit subscribers of Viettel do not have to do anything when switching to 10-digit ones.

The switch is not just a change of subscriber numbers but the conversion of nearly 1,000 Viettel’s services (value-added services, switchboard, voice ...). Therefore, this time Viettel also needs a shift in it’s own system to ensure the services is running smoothly.

In order to ensure stable service for customers, Viettel maintains the old and new numbers in parallels for 60 days. Viettel also provides support tools for customers to update their contacts after 7th October. The whole conversion will be done at night so as not to have a big impact on the customer. Additionally, Viettel will maintains the number change notification in both Vietnamese and English if users mistakenly dial the old number until 30/6/2019.

Viettel's representative said that the phonebook synchronization function of My Viettel application (automatic correction of the telephone number 11 digits into 10 numbers under the new code) will be officially provided by Viettel from 7/10/2018 (the time when Viettel and other network operators have completed converting their network code) for Android, iOS, Windows Phone. With just a few simple steps, the entire 11-digit number (of all carriers) will be converted to a new number.

Viettel is expected to convert the entire 43 million 11-digit mobile numbers to 10-digit ones in 23 days, the conversion schedule is as follows:

Network code


Old code

New code

00:00 15/9/2018

00:00  17/9/2018

00:00 19/9/2018

00:00 23/9/2018

00:00 25/9/2018


00:00 27/9/2018

00:00 3/10/2018

00:00 5/10/2018

00:00 7/10/2018