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Impressive numbers in the 13th anniversary of Viettel's mobile service

31-10-2017 | Viettel Headlines
On October 15th 2000, Viettel Telecom Corporation was put into operation. So far, the operator's mobile service has been running for 13 years with impressive numbers

Viettel is now the No.1 Telco in Vietnam with 101,000 Broadcasting Stations and also known as a telco with fasting growing of 4G network in the world. Within the first half of year 2017, Viettel has done 36,000 BTS, covering 72% of 4G network.

Until the end of August 2017, Viettel’s mobile subscribers has reach 51.8% of the total mobile subscribers in Vietnam, equivalent to 61,917,694 subscribers with traffic; Among them are 22,689,413 subcribers of 3G and 4G. There have been 25 million subcribers switching to 4G with 5.5 million regular subscribers. Viettel’s 3G marketshare is now 57.7%; FTTH is 36%.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung- Viettel Group’s General Director at the technology exhibition celebrating 13 years of running mobile service.

One of the best mobile apps of Viettel is Bankplus, the app which allow users to control their finance online through the app. We have reached 3.4 million customers with approximately 10.3 million transactions per month. With 22,000 transaction points, customer can easily deposit, withdraw or transfer cash. Moreover, Viettel have added features which customer can pay their electrical bill, water bill, etc…while being anywhere in the country including remote areas or while roaming. It is easy, flexible, high security and can be done anytime regardless of mobile networks or phone brands. Viettel’s Bankplus has won several awards such as the IT World Award, the Banking Innovation in 2014 and the Sao Khue Award in 2016. Viettel is looking forward to universalizing Bankplus and make it part of the Smart City and Government Project by 2020.

Another well-known app designed by Viettel is Viettel-CA, also known as the digital signature. Until 2017, Viettel has had 200,000 customer accumulated. The app has brought 110 billion VND in revenue for Viettel in 2016, 56 billion VND in the first 6-month of 2017 and around 9-10 billion monthly.

For customer care, Viettel has successful block 70% of total spam messages for customer last year. There have been accumulated 5 million customers/ 2 million per month installed My Viettel – an app where customer get all the necessary information they need about their current mobile service. Viettel hotline has 5 call centers nationwide and a multi-channel social care. Viettel is the only telco providing online customer care through online multi-channel medias.