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Metfone has become the most valuable Cambodia telecom brand in 2016

09-06-2016 | Viettel Headlines
The event that Metfone became the most valuable Cambodia telecommunications in 2016 showed that Viettel Cambodia has gained significant steps in one of the most competitive mobile market of Southeast Asia.

Be officially launched in 2009, Metfone is currently the largest supplier about telecommunications services in Cambodia. Brand Finance – a world’s leading company which consulting strategic and evaluating brands, based in the UK (UK), has just published a list of the telecom brands have most valuable Southeast Asia. These elements used to evaluate by Brand Finance are brand strength, operations of the enterprise and external factors.

Based on the ranking of Brand Finance, last year Metfone has increased immediately leap to 10%, continued to be included in the top 30 of valued telecom brands in the region. Specifically, Metfone’s brand value has increased from 85 million in 2015 to 94 million in 2016, nearly double the nearest rival.

"The effort to move closer and more quickly to customers are two factors that promote the growth of Metfone’s brand value" Mr. Nhong Dinthan, Deputy CEO of Metfone shared the joy and pride in the interview with Cambodian journalists. "We are very happy to see our efforts in promoting the development of Cambodia's telecom market have been paid off in a dignified manner. It has encouraged the creation of nearly 2,000 employees of Metfone, gives us more motivation to continue to provide the best products with the goal to satisfy consumers, "he said. The joy and pride is also expressed on the faces of each Metfone’s employee. "We are very excited when Brand Finance has recognized the achievements of Metfone" Mr. Soem Chandy - Planning staff of Metfone shared.

Metfone are trademarks of Viettel in Cambodia, the first market marked a shift in strategy for Viettel to invest abroad. After 7 years of doing business, Metfone has become the leading operator in Cambodia with infrastructure including 7,000 stations, 20,000 km fiber optic cable, to reach 97% coverage with 5.5 million customers, representing 37% market share. Metfone do not only focus on the development of business but also make important contributions in improving and enhancing the quality of life, education, health. Metfone’s target is make Metfone become not only telecommunications services provider but also become a supporting friend with the Cambodian people to build a better life.

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