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16-07-2018 | Viettel Headlines
Understand your need to stay in touch with family and your desire to share beautiful moments or sweet feelings with friends when you're oversea, Viettel provides high quality roaming service to meet all your wishes. Let's Viettel accompany you in your journey to Vietnam.

Being the biggest mobile network operator with the largest mobile coverage area in Vietnam, Viettel supports over 530 network operators/209 countries around the world. Viettel provides high quality service to help customers keep in touch smoothly anytime. Viettel’s high speed 4G data transfer rates covered all over the country enable you to video chat, surf the web, and update your social /media platforms.

With Viettel’s roaming service, enjoy uninterrupted service throughout Vietnam on your home carrier. Viettel's customer care centre is available 24/7 to assist you throughout your roaming experience in Vietnam.

- To enjoy best quality of roaming service during your visit to Vietnam:

+ Select Viettel, VNMVT, VN 04 or 452 04 in Setting menu on your handset

+ Turn on Data Roaming to experience high speed 4G data roaming.

+ Contact Viettel’s Customer Care Centre by calling 198. 

- Emergency contact numbers for foreign visitors in Vietnam

+ Police: 113

+ Fire: 114

+ Ambulance – First Aid: 115

It is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Vietnam and bring you a great experience with Viettel Roaming Service. Enjoy Vietnam, Roam on Viettel!