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Viettel International Business held a jubilant banquet for international partners

On 14/09/2018, an "Appreciation Night" banquet hosted by the Viettel International International Business to delight int...


Viettel to switch 43 million 11-digit mobile numbers to 10-digit ones

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dzung, Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom insists that Viettel customers would not have to do an...


ngena welcomes the leading Vietnamese telecommunications operator Viettel to its alliance

Viettel, the latest member joining ngena's alliance, will enable enterprise customers to deploy Software-Defined Wide Ar...


Viettel Global appoints new CEO

Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group has appointed Do Manh Hung as general director of Viettel Global – the inte...


Viettel join remittance research team of Global Telecom Blockchain Alliance

"Carrier Blockchain Study Group" (CBSG) set up a new blockchain working group which will focus on global remittance serv...


FPT Vice General Director: "Viettel topped Vietnam, reached World-class"

Mr. Do Cao Bao - Vice General Director of FPT, shared on his personal page that Viettel was the best enterprise in Vietn...


Viettel signs up two million subscribers with Mytel within one month in Myanmar

Mytel, the Viettel-owned mobile operator based in Myanmar, has signed up more than two million subscribers in just one m...



Understand your need to stay in touch with family and your desire to share beautiful moments or sweet feelings with frie...


Viettel launches its 10th international mobile phone service in Myanmar

Viettel Group's 10th international mobile phone network, Mytel, commenced operations in Myanmar on Saturday.


Viettel to operate telecoms network in Myanmar in June

Vietnam's Military Industry and Telecoms Group, Viettel, has planned to launch its telecoms network Mytel in Myanmar on...


Vietnam's Viettel to offer 'zero' roaming fee for Indochinese users after launch of Mytel in Myanmar

Viettel will charge calling, texting and data for its international roaming customers in Myanmar at the same rate as in...


Viettel to provide services in Myanmar in Q2

Vietnam's military-run Viettel Group will officially inaugurate its services in Myanmar under the trade name of Mytel in...